startup growth

I've been growing startups and building brands for over 25 years, including 7 years at Facebook.First we simplify, then add lightness.Strip everything down to the essentials.Most companies need simpler ideas, structures and systems.Because lightweight systems adapt and grow faster.

“James helped Otter as an advisor and consultant in the early days of our development. His thinking and programs around brand-first growth helped us scale up to 10 million users and also raise funding, and we still tap into his expertise whenever we need fresh thinking and deep expertise.”Sam Liang, Cofounder & CEO,

“James helped us pivot and scale Pencil from being a mainly Asian, brand-focused technology, to a truly global, performance-first system. From day one he rolled up his sleeves and relentlessly built a growth machine that acquired hundreds of DTC and ecommerce customers and partners, and generated headlines in all the right Tier 1 publications. When James sets his mind to making something happen, it happens, and it’s also a lot of fun to work with him!”Will Hanschell, Cofounder & CEO, Sequoia-backed Pencil

“James has become a valuable board advisor and specialist growth consultant as we've ramped Zumo users 25% MoM on average. He blends a lifetime of experience with a sharp take on the very latest trends around web3, NFTs and crypto wallets. I trust his judgment and he’s always there when I need him.”Nick Jones, Founder & CEO,

“James was an early investor and advisor to me as a founder in the early days of FlavorCloud, as we built the company from zero to one. His guidance and connections have helped us keep scaling revenue 3X annually and acquire over 700 customers, and we’re just getting started. James is always there for us - a true partner.”Rathna Sharad, Founder & CEO FlavorCloud

“James is a very trusted advisor for me, and has great insights on anything I need help with. He has a deep understanding of scaling startups, and the performance marketing industry, and I always look forward to our discussions. There’s nothing I can’t discuss with him.”Athar Zia, Cofounder & CEO,

“I couldn't ask for a more valuable Cofounder and advisor. James has 25 years of startup experience, and draws deeply on his time and network at Facebook. He helps me with product, brand, growth strategy, and he never takes longer than 24 hours to solve a problem. Above all else, James is a stellar person with a calming presence and positive outlook on life."Connor Dehlin, Cofounder & CEO, Opt